Riyaziyyat tətbiqi

Predicting the Weather

Mathematics and supercomputers can help predict one of the most complex systems on planet Earth.

MRI and Tomography

Advanced mathematical techniques allow us to reconstruct three-dimensional images for solid objects like your head.

Internet and Phones

The internet consists of millions of conneted computers and devices. We need mathematics to navigate this network!

Epidemics Analysis

Equations can help us predict how the outbreak of a new disease might spread over time, and evaluate different responses.

Maps of the Earth

How can we represent the spherical surface of the Earth on a flat, two-dimensional map?

Reading CDs and DVDs

Mathematics can fill in the gaps caused by scratches and dust on the surface of CDs or DVDs.

Glacier Melting

Public Key Cryptography

Whenever you send an email or use a credit card online, prime numbers help you keep your information safe.

Satellite Navigation

Codes and Communication

Building Bridges

Engineers need mathematics to construct stable bridges that can withstand wind, as well as vibrations caused by driving or walking.

Digital Music

Mathematical codes allow the waveforms of sounds and music to be converted into numbers that can be stored on digital devices.


Can mathematics help us understand the origin and future of the universe?

Gambling and Betting

How do you calculate the probability of winning games with cards or dice, or determine the best strategy?

Breaking the Enigma

Search Engines

Finance and Banking


Supply Chains

Every day millions of containers boxes letters and parcels are transported around the world. A logistical task impossible without mathematics.


How can we build skyscrapers that can withstand storms and even earthquakes?

Automotive Design



Speech Recognition


Football Scoring

Volcano Monitoring


Roller Coaster Design

Public Transportation

Crowd Control


Space Observations

Computer Games

Carbon Dating

Computer Circuits

Making Music

Movie Graphics

Defence and Military

Traffic Optimisation

Rockets and Satellites

Artificial Intelligence

Crime Prediction

Search for Alien Life

Fraud Detection

Data Analysis

Wildfire Modelling

Tectonic Plate Motion


Image Compression

Pharmacy and Medicine

Swimsuit Design

Pricing Strategies

Polling and Voting

Music Shuffling

Game Theory

Population Dynamics

Coral Reef Growth

Erosion and Coastlines

Plastic Surgery

Diffusion of Liquids

Measuring Time

Cooking and Baking


Loans and Interest

Skate Park Design